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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations have been organized by students with common interests and career goals. Clubs offer a comfortable atmosphere for students to meet others, have fun, and gain leadership skills! 

Clubs start new each year! We currently have 66 Recognized Clubs, 20 Certified Clubs, and many more are currently forming. New clubs are recognized every 2 weeks during the Associated Students of Highline College Council Meeting. For our most current clubs, check out our 2015-2016 Club Directory! If you don’t find what you are looking for come visit us in the Center for Leadership & Service so that we can help you start a club or help get you connected to a community of your interest on campus.


How to start a Club at Highline:

In order to conduct business on campus, basic student clubs must obtain official recognition from the Associated Students of Highline College (ASHC Student Government). Club recognition guidelines are as follows:

1.    The club or organization must maintain a minimum membership of five enrolled students at Highline. This five includes the club president/official representative.

2.    A signed and completed Club Registration and Approval Form.

3.    President (and Vice President--if applicable) must attend a 1-hour Club Leader Orientation Training.

4.    Get your club approved by Student Government at the next ASHC meeting to make it official.

For more information, contact the Community and Leadership Consultants at  or (206) 592-3894.


Club Directory

Spring Quarter Club Directory 2016
Handbook (PDF)

2015-2016 Club Handbook
** NOTE **

Clubs can begin to be recognized at the start of each fall quarter and throughout the academic year.

Community Leadership Consultants (CLC)

Angelia (Lia) Miranda

Aundrea Voegtlin

Autum Beel-Petersen

Martin Sande

Otuma Kazelausha  (206) 592-3894

Clubs Program Advisor:

Thomas Bui

Clubs Program Leadership Adviser

(206) 592 - 3892