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Student Government: ASHC

The Associated Students of Highline College (ASHC) is the student government or advocacy organization for Highline students which represents students' interests and concerns to the college administration, faculty, staff, and greater community. 

Students, through the ASHC, participate in setting campus policy and procedures, allocate service and activities funds, serve as members of various campus committees and evaluate student programs to reflect the changing needs and interests of students.  For more information on student government, please call (206) 592-3215.


Rules & Regulations


  • Begin at 1:20 pm in the Mt. Skokomish Room, HSU
  • Are held alternating Tuesdays starting the second Tuesday of each quarter
  • Are not held during finals week or quarter break

Legislative Activities


Legislative Breakfast
Our annual Legislative Breakfast is a campus event designed to greet and inform state legislators from our service districts about what issues and policies are important to the many voters who are part of the Highline community.This event is open to all staff, faculty and students of our campus community.  The ASHC works to bring our local State Representatives and Senators to campus for introductions, student presentations, and student round-table discussions. Free breakfast is provided and your presence demonstrates our collective civic engagement and care for our community.  You are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Please consider coming with a colleague or with students from your area.

Financial History


ASHC 18-19 Officers
(effective starting July 1st, 2018)

Max Brown,
ASHC President
ext. 3215/4581


Chalisa Thompson,
ASHC Vice President
ext. 3215/4582


Melissa Martinez,
ASHC Speaker of the Caucus
ext. 3215/4583