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First Fridays Leadership Institute

Leadership Off the Grid: A Leadership Development Series

The First Fridays Leadership Institute is a regular series of leadership development workshops, offered the first Friday of each month.  These hands-on, interactive sessions are designed to build practical leadership skills, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and more.

Students that attend 5 or more sessions throughout the year will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the academic year.

Workshop Schedule 2016-2017

2-4pm, Highline Student Union (Bldg 8), Mt. Constance Room  (please check below for exceptions to the location)


10/7    Civic Engagement

11/4    Community Cultural Wealth

12/2    Servant Leadership

No January workshop due to winter break (Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. Programming Week First Friday Leadership Institute Extra Credit: January 22)

2/3      Restorative Healing

3/3      Positive Psychology

4/7      Nature in Leadership

* Unity through Diversity Programming Week First Friday Leadership Institute Extra Credit

5/5      Collective Wisdom

6/2      Final Say Honorary Guest Speakers


Sponsored by Center for Leadership and Service

For more information contact Iesha Valencia M.Ed. at or (206)592-3918





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