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Petitioner/Free-Speech Guidelines

  • Highline College welcomes individuals and groups to participate in free-speech and/or petitioning activities on campus during normal service hours. 
  • Student petitioner/free-speech activities may be conducted in most public areas on campus, provided such activities do not unreasonably interfere with or disrupt campus operations.  Students may not restrict or obstruct access to and from buildings or block doorways.  Students are also entitled to anonymous free speech activities.

  • Non-student petitioner/free-speech activities may be conducted in designated free-speech zones on campus.
  • Highline encourages all individuals, but especially non-students to pre-register at the Center for Leadership & Service, 3rd floor, building 8 (HSU).  CLS staff will be happy to direct individuals to the campus free-speech zones.

  • Other than the venue for petitioner/free-speech activities, Highline College does not provide additional equipment, supplies or facilities, and petitioners/speakers may not bring their own equipment to campus.
  • Individuals visiting Highline College are considered temporary members of our campus community and are expected to treat others and be treated in accordance with the Washington Administrative Codes (WACs) governing campus activities, including the Student Conduct Code, cultural diversity policy, and all other applicable college policies and procedures. See below for applicable WAC codes and college policies.

Student Conduct Code

College & Business Operations Board Approved Policies