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Meet the Staff

Professional Staff


Jonathan Brown
Associate Dean for Center for Leadership & Service, Engagement & Assessment

(206) 592 - 3257

Iesha Valencia

Director for Center for Leadership & Service

(206) 592 - 3918

Marta Reeves

Program Coordinator

(206) 592 - 3255

Jade Chan 

 Programming & Promotions Leadership Advisor
(206) 592 - 3901

Thomas Bui

Clubs Leadership Advisor

(206) 592 - 3892

Community Leadership Consultants (CLC)

Anything related to club activities, come to us for help (list of clubs). We can provide club support around scheduling club spaces to advice on facilitating meetings.

  Meagan Gomez

(206) 592 - 3895
  Aundrea Voegtlin

(206) 592 - 3903
  Justin Zhu

(206) 592 - 3904
  Salome Munyaka

(206) 592 - 4268
  Nancy Mburu

(206) 592 - 4893


Student Government (ASHC)

We represent the voice of students and help with organizing action around issues that Highline students are passionate about. We are responsible for holding regular ASHC meetings and serving as liaison to the Board of Trustees. Student Government consists of President, Vice President, and Speaker of Caucus. Check the student government page for more information.

  Byron Patten
(ASHC Speaker of the Caucus)

(206) 592 - 4583
James Jackson
(ASHC President)

(206) 592 - 4581
Gabbi Fuller
(ASHC Vice President)

(206) 592 - 4582


Community Resource Consultants (CRC)

We are the first people who will greet with a warm smile when you first step into our office. Want to get involved? Ask away your questions and we are more than happy to assist and connect you to the resources offered within our office.

  Dinh Chung

(206) 592 - 3536
Kelly Ngigi

(206) 592 - 3536
Mahlet Tiruneh
(206) 592 - 3536
Robert Hill
(206) 592 - 3536

Design Team

We are the creative hub consisting of student designers that are responsible for providing promotional materials for students and student funded programs. Examples of what we can provide include: flyers, posters, banners, invitations, handbills and many other exciting materials to help your program be successful. Please check the design team page to see if you're eligible for these services.

  Alex Islamova
(Marketing Outreach Social Media Tech)

(206) 592 - 3216
Jeremy Morales
(Graphic Designer)

(206) 592 - 3216
  Tien Le
(Graphic Designer)

(206) 592 - 3216