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Posting Procedures

  • The Center for Leadership & Service must give advance approval for all posting on public bulletin boards (not including classroom boards). Approval is indicated by a date stamp applied to each poster or flyer to be distributed. This “stamp of approval” is provided by the Center for Leadership & Service staff.  The Center for Leadership & Services reserves the right to deny the posting or distribution of flyers or posters if information or material is commercial, obscene, and/or unlawful, or if contrary to the missions and goals of the college. The Center for Leadership & Service is located in the Highline Student Union, 3rd floor.
  • Only posters promoting events, classes, programs or services sponsored by Highline Community College or its official departments or organizations (including recognized student clubs and organizations) will be allowed on the campus bulletin boards (see attached map for locations).  The Center for Leadership & Service reserves the right to impose limits regarding size, quantity, and duration of display.
  • Posters/flyers for events, classes, programs or services must clearly identify the sponsoring Highline Community College group, organization, or department.  These posters must be removed the next working day following the event or 30 days after the posted authorization date, whichever comes first. Removal is the responsibility of the sponsoring group, organization, or department.
  • Unless designated as a posting area, all areas on campus are considered non-posting zones. (See attached map for designated posting areas.)  Non-posting areas include - but are not limited to – campus directories, painted walls, columns, stairwell steps, elevators, exterior glass, and building entrance/exit doors.  Exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance by the Associate Dean for Student Programs and Leadership (or his/her designate).  Some specialized posting may require the approval of designated building manager.
  • Materials found posted in unauthorized places or areas, or materials not approved by the Center for Leadership & Service will be removed.  Posters or flyers without the required date stamp (as noted above) will also be removed.
  • Torn, damaged or weathered flyers or posters will be removed from the campus bulletin boards before the deadline date.  Covering other approved flyers is prohibited.  Offending postings will be removed.
  • Three community boards, are local inside the Highline Student Union (one on each of the three floors), to announce non-campus events and activities or job opportunities.  These boards require prior approval from the Center for Leadership & Service and will be monitored to ensure information or material is not obscene, and/or unlawful, or contrary to the missions and goals of Highline Community College.  Poster/flyer size not to exceed 8 ½ x 14 (legal size paper).
  • No commercial or sales advertising is permitted on campus bulletin boards, other than designated “community boards” in the HSU.
  • Banners for one day all campus events can be displayed on the 2nd floor railing in the Highline Student Union for five (5) days prior and including the day of the event.  Banners for all campus one week events and (i.e. MLK Week, Unity Week) ticketed events for all campus activities can be authorized for fourteen (14) days prior and including the day of the event.  Only Velcro straps obtained in the Center for Leadership & Service can be used to secure the signs on railings.  All banners must be authorized by the Center for Leadership & Service and “stamped approved for posting”.

** Important **

All posters/flyers need to be stamped for approval by the Center for Leadership & Services located in HSU, building 8, the 3rd floor, before they can be posted on campus.

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