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Workshops and Conferences

Increasingly, companies are seeking employees who work effectively in teams and who are strong leaders. If you want to standout in a tight labor pool then take advantage of the many leadership development opportunities offered through the Center for Leadership & Services.

First Fridays Leadership Institute

The First Fridays Leadership Institute is a regular series of leadership development workshops, offered the first Friday of each month.  These hands-on, interactive sessions are designed to build practical leadership skills, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and more. Students that attend 5 or more sessions throughout the year receive a certificate of completion.

Winter Leadership Retreat

Held every year at a local retreat center, the Winter Leadership Retreat brings together students from across campus to explore leadership in depth and to build a community of student leaders. 

Student of Color Conference

Highline students have regular opportunities to participate in local leadership conferences.  For example, every September the Center for Leadership & Services takes students to Wenatchee, Washington for the Community and Technical Colleges Leadership and Activities Institute. 

Another excellent leadership opportunity is the Student of Color Conference (SOCC), held each spring.  

For more information about the leadership development opportunities through Center for Leadership & Services, please call Iesha Valencia (206) 592 - 3918 or email at